Sunday, January 11, 2015

Planning 2015: Investing on Myself

It's 2015, a new year once again. The Christmas season is officially over and a week of work has passed already. So far, 2015 seems no different from 2014 but I am bursting with excitement. There's still more than 300 days of opportunities to experience new things ahead of us. Being a sappy planner, I decided to list down my resolutions for this year. I was inspired a quote I read online - The greatest investment you can make is on yourself.

This year, the overall goal is to be a better version of myself. Listed below are my declarations for self-improvement.

I will see the world.
This year, my friends and I plan to travel together to Baguio for the Pengabenga festival. Hopefully, our plans to visit Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia will also materialize. I plan to see as much of the world as possible. I'm also planning a trip to Quezon with another group of friends. During my free time, I'm always browsing blogs and online magazines for unconventional places to visit especially here in the Philippines. A top entry in my bucket list? The beaches in Calatagan.

I will reward myself.
Yes, that's right. I will reward myself with material things. After being told in college repeatedly that my shopaholic tendencies were getting out of hand, I had to force myself to be more frugal. Being the extremist that I am, I took it a little too far and in the end, neglected myself. This year I plan to strike a balance by limiting trips to the spa once every month. Still, I will make it a point to reward myself after I finish a project or achieved something.

I recently received outstanding feedback from our client regarding my performance for the last quarter of 2014 so I plan to buy myself a pair of cute loafers as a reward. I checked out ZALORA, and I had to restrict myself from ordering every pair. Their extensive collection makes it difficult to choose just one. In the end, I think I'm going with this one.

I will exercise more and eat healthier.
With the recent worsening of my gastritis and acid reflux, I decided to change my lifestyle. Currently, my friends are planning to play badminton twice a week and run during weekends. I'm also saying good riddance to junk food and caffeinated drinks. It's really difficult since I am coffee-loving binge-eater. Good thing, I have found Go! Salads in Eastwood. If you ever find yourself in the area, I suggest you try out their salads and smoothies. The Bayani salad and Jeepney smoothie are my favorites. Throw in a red velvet cupcake if you're feeling indulgent.

I will attend a class to improve myself.
Yes, I want to attend weekend classes this year. Particularly, I will be enrolling in PETA's Weekend Workshops for musical theater. It's one of my greatest loves, so I hope the class goes well.

Lastly, I will read, reflect and pray every morning.
I believe the best way to improve myself is to look and listen to closely to what the Almighty Father wants for me. Thank God for this book, Living Water. It's my daily guide in reflecting God's Word. This is my second year using this book. It was extremely beneficial for me last year. You can get a copy at National Bookstore for less than 200 Pesos.

Share with me how you'll be investing on yourself this year. :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


It has been a long awaited occurrence - the Supreme Pontiff is coming to visit our country. I have always been in awe of the current pope. He radiates kindness, charity, love, mercy and compassion. This is the reason why, when I heard TV Maria was doing a docu-series in preparation for his coming, I quickly jumped at the chance to participate. God really is good because I managed to squeeze in the shooting schedule in spite of my full-time job. Here are the finished videos wherein I travel around the metro and ask people their ideas, quirky stories and expectations for the coming papal visit. These are videos from ONE: Faith. Love. Life - A 30-minute program focused on helping Filipino Catholic laity in preparation for the papal visit.


First Episode - The Pope

Second Episode - The Pope and the Catholic Church

Third Episode - The Pope and the Philippine Church

Fourth Episode - The Pope and Us

Thanks to Miss Mitch Penarubia, director and scriptwriter for having Benz, Bel and I for this program. Truly, it was a blessed experience.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

To Blog

It's been months since I have blogged properly. Aside from the occasional snippets of literary bouts, I haven't posted anything. While I don't miss blogging about what I am wearing, I do miss the emotional ecstasy of writing something real at one moment, going live the next. This blog never attracted swarms of readers. My only readers are my friends - bound by loyalty - and the occasional lost souls who managed to stumble upon my blog through links I have strategically spread throughout the world wide web. Still, I like it that this blog is unnoticed. It's where I can be loud, verbose and dramatic without people reacting. It is a release, an open space, an unheard scream, a floating thought. It is my safe place. I know people read, but people never comment. That silence, to me, is enough. My words don't demand to be heard or read. They only need to be spoken, written - uncensored and undecoded.

I, as always, am I mix of anxious feelings, regretful nostalgia and a little bit of hope. I continuously write. I write for a living now. Yes, I actually get paid to put words and more words out on paper, or a notepad software, if we're being precise. I still write for a bunch of other endeavors - a few freelance gigs here and there, pieces for the Church in hope of doing philanthropic deeds, no matter how small they may be, my little brother's projects and endless scraps that never find their way to the blog. I have never stopped writing or talking, but it feels like I've lost the flurry of words that have accompanied me always. More so, I think they're all in conundrum, tied and knotted together in a tangled blob, crazier than an accident along Edsa. It's like there's a part of me that stopped being. Maybe that's why I stopped posting. After all, am I still the same girl who wrote diary entries about her future as a broadcaster?
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