Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Candy Girl, Always

My love for writing was cemented during my year-long stint with as a correspondent, so I really appreciate having the chance to write for them once in a while - epecially for topics that I truly truly adore. Writing for teenage girls has been my niche for the longest time. It feels good to go back to that comfort zone. Indulge the girly girl in you. Read up on my March and April contributions. Or, you know, read it because you're my friend and you love me. ♥ Let me know if I still have the bubblegum girl voice inside me.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tam-Awan Village

An interesting stop during our Baguio trip last February. Tam-awan Village Garden in the Sky. Please don't take my photos as a summary. I was barely able to get any good photos as the visit was short. It's also easy to forget about photos when you're exploring the place. See the place for yourself,  and learn more about the Cordilleras. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Juggling My First Job, Graduating from University and Ministry Life

Cake from my officemates the day after graduation
No, really. They were in that order. I got my first job before I finished my credentials and clearance papers for graduation. Maybe I was too stressed about not getting a job after graduation that God decided to send me a blessing earlier than expected. I wrote this many months ago, on a night when the workload and the school requirements were becoming too overwhelming to handle. It made for a fun and crazy two months, and here are what I learned.

On Being Honest 
The job required a degree so I decided to come right out and tell them that I haven't finished school yet. I told them the list of graduating students haven't been released yet nor have I seen my grades. That was probably the 2nd best decision I ever made in this whole ordeal. They were understanding, helpful and supportive. I couldn't have been in a better team.
On Having a Good Support System 
At school, my friends became my angels. They took it upon themselves to help me out and understand. They did their best to minimize my absences. It was, however, different with Church mates. They would repeatedly call or text me during work hours, get mad when I don't respond or if I am not available. It was tough facing that on top of my already full plate of responsibilities. I had to keep reminding myself that I am blessed. I am serving God and not the personal desires of myself or the people around me.
My family faced rocky situations in the middle of this ordeal, and that ultimately is what made things difficult. Still, I knew they were supportive. It must have been a foreign idea to them, me getting a job. I could tell they were proud, though. That was the best reward I could ask for.
On Making Each Day Count 
Putting a monetary value on my time put each day into perspective. The moment the clock strikes 7 a.m., I know I need to be working, learning, producing output and taking notes. My immediate heads, Miss Roe and Miss Kris, are gracious mentors. During the days I don't go to work because of school felt crucial. I try to cram everything I can do in one day, not wasting a single minute. Every weekend is jampacked. Every night, I make an effort to be productive, no matter how tired I am. How else can I get every requirement, every writeup and every task done if I don't?
On Trusting God 
At the end of each day, trusting God is still the best decision I made. Graduation is right around the corner. The workload is becoming manageable. I wonder how long I'll be here in this team.

Well, guess what. Today marks my one year with the company. I have learned a lot more than these, and there are still much more to learn.
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